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View Tire-and-rim-worksheet.xlsx from AA 1Tire / Rim Incident Critical Control Critical Control Component Performance Standard Level of understanding / Training and awareness of competency of

10 Tips for Using Tire Inflation Safety Cages

2021-7-2 · Review safety procedures regularly. Keep current charts or rim manuals available in the service area. Safety Equipment for Your Needs. Safely inflating commercial tires requires both attention and specialized equipment. You need to have the right restraining device for the right size and pressure tire.

Common Tire Safety Tips

2017-2-27 · All pre-trip and post trip inspections, as well as any general walk around inspection should always include a tire check. In short, you should be specifically looking for the following: Check tread …


2019-12-12 · If a tire is suspected of being over-heated (Smell burning rubber) the scoop or truck should be parked immediately, roped off and let sit for "several hours" and do not approach the tire and wheel until the tire and wheel assembly cools down. The risk of explosion is greatest soon after the vehicle is stopped. When the machine is stopped cooling air does not circulate. Once the tire has cooled down it …

Motorist Assurance Program sponsors Brake Safety …

2019-8-8 · WOODRIDGE, Ill. — The Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) is hoping to encourage awareness of brake system maintenance by declaring August as Brake Safety Awareness Month. According to one consumer survey, brake pad replacement is one of the most neglected or delayed maintenance items for vehicle owners.

Scrap Tire Pick Up Program – Tire Stewardship BC

Scrap Tire Pick Up Program. Call. For registered participants please call the scrap tire pick up number and have your TSBC registration number, company name and address ready. 1-866-497-0281. Email. Email your request for scrap tire pick up. You must …


1  · Definitions. Barrier means a fence, wall or other structure or object placed between a single piece rim wheel and an employee during tire inflation, to contain the rim wheel components in the event of the sudden release of the contained air of the single piece rim wheel. Charts means the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration publications entitled "Demounting ...

Goodyear Bus Tires For Transit Applications.

2010-3-5 · Rim Width in Overall Width in Overall Diameter in Static Radius in RPM Tread Depth 32nds in Minimum Dual Spacing in Speed Rating mph B305/85R22.5 J 8,050 120 7,160 120 174.0 8.25/9.00 12.2 43.3 20.3 476.0 34.0 13.5 55 Metro Miler™ G152A™ Size Load Range Single Load lbs Single Infl ation psi Dual Load lbs Dual Infl ation psi Weight lbs ...

Tire Maintenance, Safety, & Information

2021-7-1 · TIRE SAFETY. Tires are the only part of a vehicle that come into contact with the road, and the spot where each tire meets the road is relatively small—approximately the size of a post card. When you think about that, it''s clear how important it is to properly maintain your tires. Learn more about maintenance, repair and choosing the right ...

GMQD16CLY70 Chevy Tire and Wheel Protection Brochure

TIRE AND WHEEL PROTECTION See Contract for complete details. Tire and Wheel vehicle service contract coverage is provided and administered by AMT Warranty Corp., P.O. Box 927, Bedford, TX 76095, (877) 265-2017 (except in Florida, the vehicle service contract obligor/provider and

Tire Replacement Guide

2021-7-1 · With these tire-buying tips and some trusted ratings in hand, you should be able to confidently pick out new tires. Bridgestone consistently strives to connect with drivers through our stores, dealers and media campaigns to raise awareness and educate consumers on safe driving and tire safety.

Common Tire Safety Tips

2017-2-27 · 400 E. Las Colinas Blvd. Ste. 800 Irving, TX 75039 Email: [email protected] Phone: 214-272-0500


2021-4-1 · Twenty-five to 30 pounds of pressure inside a passenger tire can be destructive. Truck tires inflated to 50 to 75 pounds have an even greater hazard potential. The program is designed to alert you to the hazards of multi-piece rims and safety guidelines for using and servicing these types of wheels.

Tire Safety

2021-6-25 · 130 Kb. Tire Safety Information Sheet. Useful facts everyone should know about tires. 40 Kb. Tire Burst. Fitter applied oxy torch to heat and loosen the 12 nuts to enable removal of wheel. Two wheel nuts were removed without heat, the tire burst when heat was applied to the fourth nut.

Tire & Wheel Protection | Products | Safe-Guard …

Tire & Wheel Protection gives you the extra protection you need from road hazards such as nails, glass, and potholes with benefits including: Tires, wheels, and rims repaired or replaced if structurally damaged due to road hazard. Towing expenses reimbursable in the event of covered damage. No limit on the number of occurrences or mileage.

Tire Wear | OSHA Safety Manuals

2016-9-14 · There are four ways you can improve the safety and performance of your tires. Keep tires properly inflated. Check them at least monthly to notice if tire pressure appears to be getting low. Incorrect tire pressure can cause uneven tire wear, poor handling, excessive heat build up, and possible tire …

Split Rim Safety Procedures

2013-7-17 · 1 Split Rim Safety Procedures A 20-inch tire inflated to 100 psi can contain up to 40,000 lbs. of explosive force. That''s enough force to throw a small car 15 feet in the air, and enough to cause a very serious injury or fatality.

Tire and rim safety awareness program. (Book, 1996 ...

Tire and rim safety awareness program. [Beckley, W. Va.?] : U.S. Dept. of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration, 1996 (OCoLC)827233528: Material Type: Government publication, National government publication: Document Type: Book: All Authors / Contributors: United States. Mine Safety and Health Administration. OCLC Number: 35515313: Notes:

Split Rim Tire Safety | Safety Videos | OSHA Safety ...

This training program is designed to alert you to the hazards of multi-piece rims and to provide basic guidelines for safely using and servicing these types of wheels. One of the most powerful forces tire technicians work with is air pressure.


2019-6-6 · FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), TRA (The Tire and Rim Association, Inc.), ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation), and ISO (International Standardization Organization). This index indicates the load capacity of the tire in single and in dual usage (e.g. 144/141K). Below are examples for tubeless tires. Example: 11R22.5

Aircraft Tire Care & Maintenance

2020-1-27 · Tire new and retread tire plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified. NOTE: The procedures and standards included in this manual are intended to supplement the specific instructions issued by aircraft and wheel/rim manufacturers.

Tire Safety

2021-6-25 · Tire Safety Photos illustrate what defects to look for in your tires. 19 slides: Aging Tires Researchers and experts agree that along with tread depth and proper maintenance, tire age is also crucial to safety. Tire Safety PDF Files Browse our collection of Tire Safety …

Tire & Wheel Protection Plans | GMC Protection

Tire and Wheel Protection Plus. Tire and Wheel Protection Plus †. (2) can cover the costs associated with minor repair of cosmetic damage, in addition to the coverage of the standard Tire and Wheel Protection. Chrome, chrome-clad, and steel wheels may also be covered for minor wheel repair of scrapes and scratches caused by covered road hazards.

Tire and Rim Safety Awareness Program

2019-12-12 · a training aid to enhance the safety knowledge or awareness of the student. WHAT THE PROGRAM CONTAINS This program contains specific sections of the Code of Federal Regulations that relate to tire and rim safety at coal, metal, and nonmetal mines. It also contains sections on safe and unsafe practices while working on and around tires and rims; awareness of tire and rim problems; safety

Importance of Tire Safety | Michelin

Driving with incorrect tire pressures can affect a vehicle''s handling and braking, particularly in wet conditions, and can seriously compromise your safety. Driving on severely under-inflated tires can cause heat build-up and eventually a premature failure. Check your tire pressure monthly and before every long trip. Respect the load capacity:

Tires | NHTSA

2021-6-29 · Additional proper tire maintenance, such as rotation, balance and alignment, can help your tires last longer, which will in turn save you money. In fact, properly inflated tires can extend the average life of a tire by 4,700 miles. Five tire maintenance tips for safety and savings

Resident Awareness Bulletin

2020-4-30 · Somerville Resident Awareness Bulletin- Tire & Rim Thefts. April 30, 2020. Recently, Ward 5 has seen a rash of motor vehicle tire and rim thefts. The suspects are believed to be operating a dark gray 2014 Acura TL with no front plate.

Tire, Wheel & Rim Assembly SAFETY GUIDE

2019-7-9 · Whenever you demount a tire from the wheel assembly, ensure the tire is completely deflated by removal of the valve core before attempting to demount the tire. Check the valve stem by running a piece of wire through the stem to make sure it is not plugged. Demounting tools apply pressure to rim flanges to unseat tire beads. Keep your fingers clear.

Tire & Wheel Protection | Toyota Financial

2021-7-2 · Replacement of a wheel if it won''t hold a seal with your new tire. $440. $0. Towing to the nearest Toyota dealer (up to $100 of towing expenses reimbursed) $70. $0. Coverage of associated costs (labor, wheel weights, valve stems, disposal fees and taxes) $35. $0.

Cycling safety | City of Ottawa

2021-7-2 · Cycling Safety Awareness Program. The Cycling Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) is an educational outreach program about cycling safety. ... Once both beads are on the tire, using your hands, pry between the rim and the tire and make sure the tube is not sticking out anywhere. Do this on both sides of the tire.

Tire and Wheel Safety and Maintenance Presentation

2020-1-28 · When Inflating ANY Tire Stay Out of the Trajectory Zone. • OSHA definition: "Trajectory‐Means any potential path or route that a rim wheel component may travel during an explosive separation or sudden release of the air pressure…" • 45 degrees from the center of the tire/wheel …