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 · Vermiculite from Libby was used in the majority of vermiculite insulation in the United States and was often sold under the brand name Zonolite. If you have vermiculite insulation in your home, you should assume this material may be contaminated with asbestos and be aware of steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from exposure to asbestos.


Vermiculite is a hydrous mineral type of the Mica family of phyllosilicates, often golden-brown in colour. It is a lightweight, safe, loose and easy-to-use dry product. The unique properties of vermiculite make it an extremely versatile product for its multiple applications in the construction, horticultural, spillage clean-up and packaging industries and numerous other applications.

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Based on the measured potassium contents most of the analyses can be classified into one of three discrete categories namely vermiculite (<<1% K 2 O), phlogopite (≈10% K 2 O), or hydrobiotite (≈5%K 2 O). Some analyses with intermediate compositions were recorded, but they appear less common than discrete compositions.

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a naturally-occurring mineral composed of shiny flakes resembling Mica. It is produced in different grades or sizes. When heated to high temperature, vermiculite flakes expand 8-30 times their original size (a process called exfoliation) and loses weight. Mostly, exfoliated vermiculite is used in different markets namely ...

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 · Vermiculite is hydrated magnesium-aluminium-iron silicate, formed by the alteration of mica and appear in the forms of flakes. When exfoliated by heating to temperature of 900 C or higher, water is released and the flakes expand into very lightweight porous

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 · The structure of a typical vermiculite contains a central octahedrally-coordinated layer of metal cation ions that lie between two inwardly pointing sheets of linked tetrahedral. Pedogenic vermiculite is generally a non- or poorly expanding soil clay mineral with a 14

On the mechanism of exfoliation of ''Vermiculite''

And thirdly, interstratified mica/vermiculite invari-able shows a greater propensity to exfoliate compared to samples of pure vermiculite. As such, most commercial vermiculites typically contain large proportions of hydrobiotite rather than true vermiculite. Any

Vermiculite Concrete

Vermiculite concrete is a low density non-structural construction product. It is insulating (both thermally and acoustically) and intrinsically fire resistant. It is normally made simply by mixing exfoliated vermiculite as the aggregate,

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Vermiculite is the mineralogical name given to hydrated laminar magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate that resembles mica in appearance. All vermiculite ores contain a range of other minerals that were formed along with the vermiculite in the rock. Vermiculite ores from some sources have been found to contain asbestos minerals but asbestos is not ...